The Holy Grail of Tax Deductions

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CPA Small Business Advice Flower Mound, Dallas, Fort Worth

Here are three deductions which could be considered “the holy grail” of deductions. That is, they can greatly reduce your adjusted gross income. 1. Contributing to a traditional IRA One of the best ways to reward yourself now — and later — is by contributing to a traditional IRA. A traditional IRA has a maximum annual contribution limit in 2016 … Read More

Construction Business Grows With CPA Advice

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taxa advice for construction business

Stephen runs a construction business specializing in large basements and car parks. The business has been established for 25 years and has grown steadily, with revenue now into eight figures. Unfortunately, the profit margins are very slim and last year, Stephen’s business barely broke even and he was unable to draw his usual dividend at the year end. His CPA … Read More

Questions to Ask Your Accountant

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small business consulting team Flower Mound, Dallas, Fort Worth

Before choosing an accountant to handle the nuts and bolts of your business’s numbers, first you might want to interview the accountant and found out how they conduct their own business matters. We visited this topic in a more general overview in the past, but this time let’s take a more in-depth look at questions to ask your accountant next … Read More

Claim Tax Credits Before It’s Too Late

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tax credit advice

It’s crazy to think, but many taxpayers every year fail to take advantage of the tax credits they’re eligible for. With April 18 almost here, make sure you’re up to speed on any credits you may be able to claim, as that could make a serious dent in your tax burden or even result in the IRS writing you a nice … Read More

Post-Tax Season Money Tips

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After tax craziness subsides, spring is an ideal time to take a look at your money management. Here are some post-tax season money tips to help you get your finances in check before summer: 1. Run Your Credit Report Your credit score can impact everything from your mortgage rate to your credit card approvals. In some cases it can even affect … Read More

10 Crazy Tax Facts for Tax Day

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tax refunds - tips and answers

Taxes have been levied on people since the beginning of civilization. Since Tax Day is almost upon us, we thought it would be fun to share some of the most interesting tax facts from the long and fascinating history of taxes: The number of words in Atlas Shrugged is 645,000. The Bible has around 700,000 words. The number of words in the … Read More

Tips for Education Tax Benefits

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education tax credits

Income tax season is here. College students and their families should learn about available education tax benefits that can help lower their education costs. On average, families spend $24,000 a year on college. However, just over a third take advantage of federal tax credits and deductions to help make college more affordable. The benefits have changing rules and limitations, and … Read More