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"A tax preparer COSTS you money...A tax planner MAKES you money!"

We help realtors, independent contractors and professional service providers earning over $100,000 per year who are paying $15,000 or more in excess tax become wealthier by putting a plan in place that allows them to pay less tax. We also provide more time, freedom and peace of mind for our clients by offering complimentary tax services, compliance and ongoing tax advice.

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  • "I am so grateful to have found Williams & Kunkel. The tax planning strategies have been a game changer for my business. The communication and attention to detail about my specific situation has been most impressive. I highly recommend Williams & Kunkel to anyone running their own business, but especially for Realtors."

    – Jennifer Mestayer

  • "I learned about Williams & Kunkel from a peer who has been their client. After speaking with them the first time, I knew they could help me tremendously. I have worked with them on a tax plan/strategy for my growing business; as well as for my personal taxes. The insight they have provided has saved me thousands of dollars as well as helped me sleep better at night knowing their guidance and expertise is ethical and above board. I would highly recommend them!

    First off, I'm not proud of the fact that I might have a PhD in 'Procrastination'. Honestly, I hate that. But Karime is always so skilled at giving gentle reminders that I've started to become more and more determined to get on my A-game with getting your office the information in a more timely manner. Her approach and professionalism are honestly impressive. Then there's Derek. This is the first year I've had a lot of contact with him. What a great guy! Again...outstanding professionalism and great knowledge/insight. I continue to recommend your business to my friends. Aside from the fact that you have saved me THOUSANDS of dollars; the 'client experience' I've had is far above par."

    – Kristen Wright

  • "I've been a Realtor and business owner for 20+ years. I've worked with several CPAs but none truly helped me maximize my tax savings until I hired Williams & Kunkel. Over the past 3 years, they were able to reduce my taxable income $20,000 to $30,000 per year resulting in a significant reduction in my tax liability. I highly recommend Williams & Kunkel to any Realtor or Business Owner wanting to implement Tax Strategies that protect your assets and reduce your tax liability."

    – Gillian Cunningham

  • "This is my second year EVER doing taxes, and Beth from Williams & Kunkel has been patient, kind and extremely helpful. She has frequently communicated with me and is helping me save over $100,000 on my taxes. They are informative and understanding, and they’ve been a MASSIVE relief for me. Before their help I was stressed and financially concerned about taxes, and now I feel informed and relieved."

    – Alex Glenn

  • "Williams & Kunkel CPAs have been doing my taxes for the last 3 years now and I can honestly say that I am paying less in taxes and keeping more of my hard-earned money in my own pocket. They are dedicated to building a relationship with me in order to best know how to cater to my tax needs as a small business owner. If you are not using Williams & Kunkel CPAs, then you are throwing money away each year."

    – Patty Stoner

  • "My wife and I spent MANY YEARS bouncing around from one tax professional to the next trying to find someone that could handle the complexity of our tax situation and work for US and not the IRS. Someone who would work to allow us to keep more of our hard earned money instead of giving too much to the IRS because they were trying to be 'conservative' and afraid of an audit. Then we found Williams and Kunkel. These guys took us in, had a couple meetings with us to understand the complexities of our tax situation and then went to work for us. They came up with a plan based on several tax strategies we didn't know existed and hadn't even thought of. These guys are not just people who can get your taxes done. They are experts and have mastered their very complicated craft. They stay up on all of the new tax laws and every year, they let us know how this will affect us and they come up with new strategies, if necessary. We sleep much better at night knowing that we have finally found tax professionals who are working for us and are on our side. Scott, Beth, Derek and ShaNae are a vital part of our team and their guidance has allowed us to scale our business and reach new heights we had only dreamed about. There are not enough stars to rate these guys. They have our highest recommendation."

    – John Pipitone

  • "I am impressed with their level of detail, professionalism, and flexibility. My business is different just like everyone else's, and they catered a tax strategy plan that meets my needs and gives me the benefits I was looking for."

    – Byron Hunter

  • "I first met Beth Williams via LinkedIn. We set up a Zoom and she explained what they did. At the time, she was quite frank and said 'If you aren't paying at least 12k in taxes, we can't save you money.' I appreciated that, and her. Fast forward a year and I'm there. We connected and began working together. Then COVID. Wow. Was I glad we connected! I have paid less in taxes than I ever did doing my own with the software, and believe me, I'm cheap!

    Last year, I was prepared to write a pretty good check because we hadn't paid in a ton. We went to the Flower Mound office in person and met with our rep, Derek. He was apologetic when we came in and said 'I wish I had better news for you.' I was prepared, or so I thought.

    He said 'I was only able to get your REFUND up to 10k.....'

    I was prepared to WRITE a check for 10k or better! These folks have it going on and I can't say enough about them! Set up a Zoom. Do it. AND.....tell 'em I sent ya!"

    – Jerry Allen

  • “Hands down the best experience I have had with a CPA since I began operating my own business. Always available, walked me through the processes I needed to implement to save money on my taxes, and friendly as well. It feels great knowing they are handling not only my tax preparation but my tax planning as well. Win-win.”

    – Paul Crosby

  • “In 2005 I had the opportunity to buy a company that I had managed for five years and was the Vice President for 10 years. I really didn’t know if I could own a business, let alone finance one. With the help of Williams & Kunkel we have had a lucrative business for five years. Not only do they handle my payroll and taxes, they go above and beyond their accounting capabilities by taking care of state registrations and state surrender of authority. I‘m a firm believer that I could not have made this business successful without their help. My hats off to them for the excellent job they have done.”

    – Bill B.

  • “It is without reservation nor reluctance that we offer our endorsements for Williams & Kunkel. We own two firms that have been in operation for numerous years and have experienced services within the CPA world that ranged from marginally acceptable to having found the best of the best with Williams & Kunkel. The support staff is enjoyable to work with and the leadership within the firm is professional and eager to assist with even the most unusual issues. It is a pleasure to work with such professionals.”

    – Marty T.

  • I am amazed at how proactive Williams & Kunkel is in contrast to other accountants we have worked with. I am also of course pleased with the greater tax savings! They helped us set up everything. With our previous accountant, we presented and implemented any tax savings strategies. So thankful for the peace of mind that Williams & Kunkel brings.

    – Kati Van Cleave

  • I have learned so much with working with Williams & Kunkel in regards to my taxes and tax planning. There is so much more I need to learn and I am grateful I have an expert in my corner to guide me.

    – Paula Maples

  • My husband and I had a feeling we've been overpaying our taxes for years but our previous CPA assured us there was nothing more they could do. That's when we felt it was time to start looking for a new firm and hired Williams & Kunkel. We saved more money during the first few phone calls with Beth Williams than our previous CPA could do in years!! Beth was so informative throughout the process and taught us so much. What a bonus! Saving money on our taxes AND becoming more informed! We are so grateful for their services.

    – Elizabeth Wells


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