More Than Just a CPA Firm


At Williams & Kunkel, CPAs, LLP, we partner with our clients by providing the advice and tools which allow them to succeed. Many of our business owners have great vision for their business, but they need the expertise of an experienced CPA firm to guide them.

Our Story

Scott Kunkel and Beth Williams established Williams & Kunkel, CPAs, LLP, in 2005, with the vision to provide a different kind of CPA firm. Of course we crunch the numbers and provide a wide range of compliance services, but we are passionate about helping you build a great business at a great up-front price that you approve before we begin the work!

  • We work constantly to increase your financial rewards.
  • We charge you an all-inclusive fee, paid monthly, rather than an hourly rate where the longer it takes the more you pay.
  • We proactively monitor your progress on a monthly basis so you can adjust quickly to maximize profits.
  • We help you establish systems that allow you to take the pulse of your business, better control your activities, and know exactly where you stand at all times.
  • We help you create a regularly updated action plan to achieve these goals.
  • We show you how to better involve and build your team so they treat their work much more than just a job.
  • We help you identify the key performance indicators for your business to make it run like clockwork.
  • We help you find ways to work ON your business rather than IN it, so that you realize a better quality of life.
  • We help you implement strategies for the future to make your business a more valuable and realizable asset by sale or succession.
  • We identify opportunities for your business growth and improvement rather than just looking at your historical figures.
  • We provide ideas on how to make these opportunities work.
  • We help you identify your vision for the future of your business, your goals, and the steps to get you there.
  • We provide feedback and new ideas on your marketing and advertising to generate a much better return on your investment.

Williams & Kunkel, CPAs, LLP is a member of several industry accountability organizations including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants. We are subject to professional peer review by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.


We don’t just do the numbers.
With our accounting and entrepreneurial
business advice and tools,
our clients’ businesses become
more profitable and more innovative
than ever before.

What our clients say

  • Williams & Kunkel give me the peace of mind that I have everything legal and in order. They give me assurance that all returns are correct.
    – Lori Hill, Owner of Dove Creek Animal Hospital
  • Beth and her team are fantastic! They always respond immediately and never keep us waiting; they are right there with us to provide our W-2s or whatever is needed.
    Williams & Kunkel make our lives easier. We don’t worry about the numbers – they do their job well, which allows us to do ours well.”

    – Tony Logan, Owner of Jewelry Theory

  • Over the years I have come to lean on Williams & Kunkel, CPAs, LLP for more than just tax and payroll services. Each quarter I meet with both Beth and Scott to compare my numbers for tax purposes, plus analyze key performance indicators (KPIs).
    We also look at things like future projections, our lead generation pipeline and growth potential. From that we gain a bigger overview of how TSI is performing. Anytime I have any need, Williams & Kunkel are always offering their assistance. They are good accountants and are always there for me.
    – Bill Beatty, Owner of Telephone Services, Inc.

Our Values

  • God First
    Strive to honor God in everything we do
  • Ethical
    Do the right things
  • Courage
    Have the strength to be bold and step up
  • Fun
    Do what you love, and love what you do

  • Practice What We Preach
    Do what we tell others to do
  • Caring
    Build genuine relationships
  • Open-Minded
    Open to new ideas and change
    • We lead by example.
    • We constantly raise the bar as a leader in the accounting profession.
    • Clients will be completely delighted with what we do, and how we do it.
    • We always maintain positive relationships.
    • We greet and farewell everyone by name with eye contact and with a smile.
    • If at fault, we will apologize and make restitution – right away.
    • We demonstrate a positive “can do” attitude at all times.
    • We focus on solutions to clients objectives.
    • We are creative and innovative in our approach to helping our clients succeed.
    • We always act with integrity, we respect others and we use empowering conversation.
    • We always reply to all communication by the end of the same day that it was received.
    • We will own any queries or complaints that we receive, and ensure they are addressed within the same business day that we receive them
    • We always answer the telephone within 2 rings and with a smile, and we always say “Welcome to Williams & Kunkel, this is [first name], [last name]”
    • We are always “on the stage” and act accordingly.
    • We always live and demonstrate the company values.
    • We work in a positive environment, full of excellent people, who are focused on solutions at all times.
    • Personal responsibility and integrity exist at all times, at all levels.
    • Personal accountability is core to our beliefs – doing what we say we will do.
    • While we respect the individual, the team is more important than any single person.
    • Everyone adds value to the company and contributes to its performance.
    • Everyone knows their role and respects the roles of others.
    • Everyone chooses to be here; there is no victim mentality.
    • The work environment is relaxed, healthy, comfortable, and creative, but professional and appropriately urgent at the same time. It is a fun environment that elicits creativity and supports camaraderie.
    • Our team members are committed to personal development. They show initiative in seeking out personal growth opportunities, making them well-rounded and whole outside of our company.

    • We do not operate as a consensus company to move the company forward. We operate on a functional model based on the vision of leadership.
    • We speak very politely using a person’s name – and we say ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘it’ll be my pleasure’, and ‘certainly’ as a minimum.
    • If we talk about a person who is not present, we speak as if they are listening to our conversation.
    • If we have a problem with someone, we talk about the problem only with them in private.
    • If something goes wrong, we first blame a system not a person.
    • To be part of our team you MUST live our values and follow our client & culture performance standards to the letter. Every team member is empowered to correct any other team member who is not living and adhering to them.

Our Team

Scott A. Kunkel

Scott received his MBA in Accounting from Texas Tech University and is a Certified Public Accountant. Scott also has his Insurance Licenses. He began his CPA firm in 1993. View LinkedIn Profile

Beth A. Williams

Beth graduated with highest honors in Accounting from the University of Texas at Arlington and is a Certified Public Accountant. Beth has over 20 years of accounting and tax experience in public and private industry. View LinkedIn Profile

Cindy Purvis

Cindy enjoys the work atmosphere and her co-workers’ positive attitudes at Williams & Kunkel, CPAs, LLP. She also enjoys coordinating work with the staff to meet clients’ needs in a timely manner. This helps to reduce their stress over compliance requirements for tax or payroll returns or monthly financial needs.

Donna Ward Hammond

Donna has been in the accounting business, both public and private, for nearly 40 years. She has worked with a diverse client base, giving her a better understanding of clients’ business needs. At Williams & Kunkel, CPAs, LLP, she handles a full range of projects for clients, from payroll and bookkeeping to tax return preparation; she fully understands the needs of each client.

Rebeca Rydberg

Rebeca is a bookkeeper at Scott A. Kunkel, CPA, PC, in North Richland Hills. She brings with her a background in both bookkeeping and customer service and enjoys working with clients to help them reach their goals. Some of her interests include her family, bowling, and cross-stitching.

Barbara Morton

Barb is a tax specialist and office manager at Scott A. Kunkel, CPA, PC. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Barbara has over 20 years of tax experience, the last 12 years of which have been with Scott Kunkel CPA, PC. She loves advising clients on ways they can save money with their taxes.

Mary Beth Paul

Mary Beth started working at Williams & Kunkel, CPAs, LLP, after moving back to Texas. For her, the firm has a wonderful staff, great clients, and a beautiful office. She also believes that there is always interesting work to be done because of Williams & Kunkel’s diverse clientele.

Lindsey Lee

Lindsey is very excited to be one of the newest members of the Williams & Kunkel, CPAs, LLP team. She currently works with a variety of clients, both business and individual, providing tax and accounting services. Before joining Williams & Kunkel, CPAs, LLP in July 2016, she worked in public accounting as a tax accountant for ten years at local firms.

Marissa Martinez

Marissa loves working at Williams & Kunkel, CPAs, LLP because it is a fun working environment that allows her to develop both professionally and personally, as well. On a daily basis, she helps with answering the phone, greeting clients at the front desk, and handling many of the general clerical tasks to support the office staff.


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