DFW Business Advisor: Who Should Prepare Your Taxes This Year?

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DFW Business Advisor: Who Should Prepare Your Taxes This Year?

Any new year means more than new diets, gym memberships and other fresh beginnings. It also signals another tax-filing season is knocking. The Internal Revenue Service will begin accepting 2017 tax returns on Jan. 29. The filing deadline this year is April 17 (rather than the typical April 15 due date). And don’t worry about all those tax law changes you’ve been … Read More

Texas Tax Advice: Tips To Save Tax Money

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DFW Tax Prep: Top Ten Tax Tips For 2018 To Help Your Small Business

A major tax bill has been passed. In the years ahead many Americans will be paying more than before, while many others will pay less. People in both camps will still want to minimize any sums they pay, so here are some tax tips to help many taxpayers lower their bills.Note that many of these actions can be taken throughout … Read More

Small Construction Business Accounting Tips

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Most construction businesses will use two different tax-accounting methods: one for their long-term contracts and one generally for everything else. A long-term contract is any contract that is still going on  in the same year it’s started. Cash method of accounting One method that some construction contractors can use for both generally and specifically for their long-term contracts is the … Read More

Flower Mound Business Consultants Help With Cash Flow Management

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Flower Mound Business Consultants Help With Cash Flow

According to a U.S. Bank study, 82% of businesses fail because of cash flow problems. However, is there a way to avoid catastrophe altogether? While the occasional “surprise” or economic challenge may be unavoidable, small businesses can manage their cash flow with smart practices. Below are five tactics that can help small business stay ahead of cash flow problems. Flower … Read More

Tax Errors You Can Avoid This Year

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DFW Tax Advice: Why You Might Not Get a Refund This Year

Taxes are hard and stressful enough to do without making avoidable errors. Before clients file, they should double check to make sure they don’t make the following tax errors. We often hand out this checklist to clients to avoid mistakes in advance. Not signing the return (if you file paper copies) Number transposition and spelling errors Unchecked or unanswered questions … Read More

Flower Mound CPA Advice: Is an Extension Right for You?

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flower mound cpa advice

If you can’t pay your taxes by this year’s April 18th deadline, you can always request a 60- to 120-day extension to pay. Don’t forget about asking your local certified public accountant and tax preparation specialist about the benefits. You may still be charged penalties and interest but at a lower rate. The IRS also offers installment agreements that allow … Read More