An Intro to Trump’s Tax Plan

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DFW Tax Advice: Why You Might Not Get a Refund This Year

What do you know about president-elect Donald Trump’s tax plan? For starters, he has proposed the largest tax cuts since Ronald Reagan. If Trump were to get everything he has proposed from a Republican-controlled Congress, a taxpayer who makes between $48,000 to $83,000 a year would save about $1,000 under his plan, said Howard Gleckman, a senior fellow at the … Read More

Some IRS Changes for 2017

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DFW CPA: Lower Taxes For Small Business This Year

If you’re a business owner, don’t forget about the date January 31, 2017, the new due date for filing forms W-2. Under a new law, the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, enacted last December, the new filing deadline for employers to submit forms W-2 to the Social Security Administration, is January 31. The new January 31 filing deadline also … Read More

A New Tax Notice Scam

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Dallas Tax Pro: Tax Scams To Watch For This Year

The Internal Revenue Service is letting tax professionals and taxpayers know about a new scam involving fake CP2000 notices that are being sent to unsuspecting taxpayers, billing them for unpaid taxes related to the Affordable Care Act. The IRS is issuing the alert in conjunction with its partners in the Security Summit initiative, in which the IRS has been teaming … Read More

Deducting Your Car As a Business Expense

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car tax deductions

Whether you’re self-employed or an employee, if you use a car for business, you get the benefit of tax deductions. There are two choices for claiming deductions: Deduct the actual business-related costs of gas, oil, lubrication, repairs, tires, supplies, parking, tolls, drivers’ salaries, and depreciation. Use the standard mileage deduction in 2016 and simply multiply 54 cents by the number … Read More

Tax Status for Newlyweds

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Married tax status - DFW CPA Tax Accountant - Business Tax Services | Williams & Kunkel CPA

Getting married changes your tax status. Being aware of a few key things can help you avoid trouble come tax time. If you and your partner were married anytime in 2016, the IRS considers you to be married for the full year, so you both should adjust your tax withholding with your employers. A two-earner couple may end up in a … Read More

The Holy Grail of Tax Deductions

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CPA Small Business Advice Flower Mound, Dallas, Fort Worth

Here are three deductions which could be considered “the holy grail” of deductions. That is, they can greatly reduce your adjusted gross income. 1. Contributing to a traditional IRA One of the best ways to reward yourself now — and later — is by contributing to a traditional IRA. A traditional IRA has a maximum annual contribution limit in 2016 … Read More

The Tax-Savvy Financial Planner

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DFW CPAs Share Tips For New Businesses

If you’re looking for big picture advice that combines tax expertise with the know-how of a financial planner, a CPA might be the best bet outside of tax-preparing season? If you only meet annually during the spring, they may seem too busy to tackle bigger-picture issues. The fall can be a good time to schedule a meeting, so you still have … Read More