Williams & Kunkel, CPAs LLP client case study Jesse James Fit

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Jesse James Fit

Just as the before and after images on the website show the amazing transformations of their clients…

So too has local business Jesse James Fit in Flower Mound experienced its own metamorphosis.

jesse james fit

Working with Williams & Kunkel is a lot like working with a personal trainer for your business.

Office Manager Maddie and Administrative Assistant Sally provided some valuable insight on the weight loss center and elite training studio’s journey from start up to fully fledged enterprise.

As with many business start ups, Jesse had turned to a friend and CPA to take care of the accounting and tax in the early days.

As the business grew and more team members were hired, the friendship was being stretched, and everyone knew it. It was time to find a more structured CPA accounting service.

Luckily for Jesse James Fit, the answer was literally across the street. Both Maddie and Sally had already gotten to know some of the Williams & Kunkel team as fitness clients.

“The state and federal tax reporting that comes with growth were becoming pretty difficult, and both we and the CPA were overwhelmed. So Jesse met with Beth Williams at Williams & Kunkel to outline what he needed, which was good reporting and a formal accounting structure.”

From that first meeting Jesse was impressed.

“We were ready to change CPAs, and Williams & Kunkel made it easy for us. The transition went smoothly and they were really great about everything.”

Once they made the switch to Williams & Kunkel in June 2014, Jesse and his team handed over all their accounting and tax.

“One of the first things Williams & Kunkel did was pay attention to how we set up and used QuickBooks. Due to a variety of reasons, like distance and Jesse being in and out of the office, our previous CPA categorized our QuickBook entries as best he could.”

“Donna at Williams & Kunkel then went to the extra effort of re-entering and recoding everything correctly so our Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets are now accurate and we know our financial position at any given time. We now just make notes and send an organized QuickBooks data file to her each month for processing.”

“One of the best things Beth and Jesse did is assess the business in a performance review which pointed out some trends in revenues vs. gross profit and really turned the business around. They still meet monthly to discuss overall performance and new business opportunities.”

“We are more organized because Williams & Kunkel are another set of eyes that catch little things, like on payroll. They don’t make us feel bashful about asking obvious questions – any training with them is always very open and relaxed.”

Maddie and Sally are hands-on with their clients and operate an open door policy, so their office is anything but quiet. Wearing different hats on any given day, it’s a welcome relief to separate the accounting from other day-to-day concerns, knowing it’s being given the attention it needs, so they can continue to focus on clients’ needs.

“We were scrambling – it has been a learning curve, to say the least, working with numbers. Until we turned over all our sales tax reports and state reporting to Williams & Kunkel, it had been a gray area. We were always unsure of our responsibilities and were being penalized as a result. Our accounting and tax was not seamless and we were constantly chasing our previous CPA for answers.”

“Handing over the tax and accounting pays off. The reality is we have no extra time to crunch the numbers. Williams & Kunkel therefore saves us so much time – we no longer worry about the financials. Everything is immensely easier; it’s a big weight off and we are really pleased with the relationship.”

Confident of having consolidated their current business position, Jesse is now thinking about the future.

“Opening a second office is a really big project. Financially planning and analyzing the numbers allows Jesse to run ideas by Williams & Kunkel. He uses Beth and Scott as sounding boards on everything from potential locations, leasing vs purchasing options, and scenario planning.”

Maddie and Sally compare working with Williams & Kunkel to Jesse James Fitness.

“Just as we look after those who are seeking better health and fitness, Williams & Kunkel look after our business and help us attain better financial health and fitness. Beth, Scott and the team are not what you have in your head about being stuffy CPAs. They are over the top friendly and easy to talk to.”

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