Small Business Money Saving Tips From Texas CPA

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Dallas CPAs On Best Ways to Preserve Wealth

Small businesses are lauded as the backbone of the economy, creating local jobs and opportunities. The outlook for these entrepreneurial efforts have been positive in the last few years. The Kauffman Foundation reporting last year that the survival rates of small businesses were at a three-decade high with 48.7 percent of businesses making it past their fifth year. Small businesses face unique … Read More

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

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cloud accounting

Mary runs a small digital marketing agency with a small team, serving business clients seeking to optimize their potential customers’ experience in interacting with their websites and social media platforms. As the business started to grow, Mary had neglected the financial aspect of her business and found that although sales were increasing, profitability was not.         At … Read More

Stay Focused While Working at Home

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Early Tax Filing - DFW CPA Tax Accountant - Business Tax Services | Williams & Kunkel CPA

Working at home affords you loads of freedom, but it also presents a different set of challenges that could stand in the way of productivity. Want to stay focused while working at home? These are helpful strategies that keep you on the ball while enjoying the comforts of home. Find your Rhythm Everyone has a different internal rhythm. What’s yours? … Read More

Managing Millennial Employees

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Flower Mound Business Coach: Holiday Marketing Tips

An expected 75,000,000 millennials are preparing to join or joining the workforce. These can be very good employees. Managing your millennial employees in a fun, yet structured setting will let you build the foundation for the superior workforce you desire. Here are some tips on how to best manage millennial employees: Provide structure. Reports have monthly due dates. Jobs have … Read More

34 Ways To Increase Small Business Earnings

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DFW Tax Strategy: Save Taxes Right Now

Small business owners want to know how to increase their small business earnings. The good news is there are many ways to make more money. This includes managing every aspect of your practice and striving for productivity growth.      Here is a checklist with 34 ways you can make more money for your small business: More sales Better referrals from … Read More

Saving Your Small Business Money

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small business money tips

Sometimes it’s very challenging to grow a business while also saving your small business money. The more business you’re able to get, the more resources you mostly likely need to satisfy your clients. But in order to increase profits, you have to learn how to grow revenue while keeping your expenses low.  Addiction to Spending In case you haven’t noticed, we … Read More

What Millennials Should Do With Extra Cash

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extra cash - smart options for teens

Some younger people may be holding on to a lot of cash, studies show. Doing so may not be the best option. If you’re lucky enough to have extra cash sitting around, here is some smart financial planning advice on what to do with it: For instance, a survey released this week by UBS Wealth Management Americas found that millennials who … Read More

5 Benefits of Office Mindfulness

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DFW Tax Specialist: Last Minute Tax Tips (And Software) For Small Biz

Office mindfulness is an increasingly popular notion, with companies such as Apple, Yahoo, Starbucks, and Google using it to their benefit. Google, for example, offers employees a 19-hour course on office mindfulness , which is so popular that thousands of Googlers take it each year. So what exactly is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a simple yet effective form of meditation that enables … Read More