Drafting a Strong Business Plan

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strong business plan for small business

Running a business without a strong business plan is like rock climbing blindfolded. Your chances of making it successfully to the top are slim. And the climb up will definitely be risky. Contrary to popular belief and practice, a business plan is not only a means to securing financing. Instead it is more of a step-by-step guide to running your … Read More

A Promotions Plan That Works

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promotions plan for small business

You may have the greatest product ever, but if you don’t tell the world about it with a well-crafted promotions plan, it will sit on the shelves collecting dust until the day comes when you finally have to close down your business. Remember: you know what is great about your business because that belief in its greatness drove you to create … Read More

Show Me the Money!

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Dallas CPAs On Best Ways to Preserve Wealth

“Show Me The Money!” Every business owner at one time or another has had this phrase or a version of it pass through their mind when brainstorming ways to find small business success. If you’re one of them, check off your business against these six critically important questions: Do you run your business by design (meaning, you choose what it … Read More

Questions to Ask Your Accountant

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small business consulting team Flower Mound, Dallas, Fort Worth

Before choosing an accountant to handle the nuts and bolts of your business’s numbers, first you might want to interview the accountant and found out how they conduct their own business matters. We visited this topic in a more general overview in the past, but this time let’s take a more in-depth look at questions to ask your accountant next … Read More

Save Up For Summer Vacation

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summer vacation

With the summer vacation season coming soon, you’re probably already dreaming of pristine beaches, family reunions or mountain hikes. But for many people, those dream vacations stay just that — dreams— due to lack of funds. However, you still have time to start save up for summer vacation with a little advice from a trusted financial professional. By cutting back … Read More

Why Your Office Layout Matters

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office layout for small business

With the new emphasis on ‘startup culture’ and the different business philosophies it implies, plus millennials placing a strong emphasis on workplace enjoyment, many companies are looking more closely at their own office culture. While there are many factors that comprise a company culture, an undeniably large part of it is office layout and design. How you design and create your … Read More

Saving Your Small Business Money

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small business money tips

Sometimes it’s very challenging to grow a business while also saving your small business money. The more business you’re able to get, the more resources you mostly likely need to satisfy your clients. But in order to increase profits, you have to learn how to grow revenue while keeping your expenses low.  Addiction to Spending In case you haven’t noticed, we … Read More

What Millennials Should Do With Extra Cash

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extra cash - smart options for teens

Some younger people may be holding on to a lot of cash, studies show. Doing so may not be the best option. If you’re lucky enough to have extra cash sitting around, here is some smart financial planning advice on what to do with it: For instance, a survey released this week by UBS Wealth Management Americas found that millennials who … Read More