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Don’t worry about chasing the dream of having a 7 figure income. Start more reasonably. Try to focus on building a 4 figure income first.

To Be Clear

Yeah, 4 figures might not be a huge amount of money to you. You can’t buy a mansion with it. But 4 figures is enough to start seeing things materialize.

4 figures is an amount you can reach in a month’s time. That’s not an unrealistic promise, it’s not a guarantee, it’s a very real and viable possibility.


Building a network is more important than having grand expectations.

This isn’t an easy fix, and it could take up a lot of your time, and you could flame out, so be prepared for what we might call a learning opportunity – a chance to completely mess up.

There are 3 steps to this process. And it’s not because it’s a nice, neat number. It’s because these three steps work.

Step One: Who Are You Selling To?

It might seem counterintuitive to define your customer before you’ve even worked out what you’re going to be selling. But trust me on this. The reason you define your customer first is because most entrepreneurs know who they can sell to long before they know what they can sell.

Step Two: What You’re Selling?

When you define your customer, don’t take your time chewing on that knowledge. Write out exactly who they are, how much money you want them to be making, the niches and industries they focus on, where they hang out and why etc. This lets you narrow down what you’re going to sell them by determining exactly what they need.

Step Three: Reach Out

A network is the best way to find customers. Because, remember, you’re not trying to sell $1,000,000 worth of services. You’re trying to sell four figures. Four figures might take one or two sales, and you can do that by reaching out individually, one on one, to people you have an existing relationship with, and asking them for one lead each.

Chasing a 7 figure income is going to depress you because it’s hard to make it happen and sometimes just requires luck. What’s more important is having the motivation and drive that getting to 4 figures can offer. When you get there, you add another figure. It’s a small step, but  it’s the only way to build a real income. All of these “proven strategies for a 7 figure income in 7 days” kinds of posts aren’t worth anyone’s time.

Get a 4 figure income first. Then worry about the other 3. Call Williams & Kunkel CPA today in Flower Mound at 972-446-1040 to have a chat and find out how we can help.

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