Dallas Tax Savings: Best States For Retiring

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Dallas Tax Savings: Best States For Retiring

Even in retirement you’ll likely owe your fair share of taxes. If your retirement savings are kept in a 401(k) or traditional IRA, you’ll generally have to pay income taxes on your withdrawals each year. You’ll also typically be responsible for federal taxes on your Social Security benefits. Depending on what state you live in, you could pay state taxes on … Read More

Flower Mound CPA Advice: Is an Extension Right for You?

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flower mound cpa advice

If you can’t pay your taxes by this year’s April 18th deadline, you can always request a 60- to 120-day extension to pay. Don’t forget about asking your local certified public accountant and tax preparation specialist about the benefits. You may still be charged penalties and interest but at a lower rate. The IRS also offers installment agreements that allow … Read More

Deducting Your Car As a Business Expense

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car tax deductions

Whether you’re self-employed or an employee, if you use a car for business, you get the benefit of tax deductions. There are two choices for claiming deductions: Deduct the actual business-related costs of gas, oil, lubrication, repairs, tires, supplies, parking, tolls, drivers’ salaries, and depreciation. Use the standard mileage deduction in 2016 and simply multiply 54 cents by the number … Read More

The Tax-Savvy Financial Planner

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DFW CPAs Share Tips For New Businesses

If you’re looking for big picture advice that combines tax expertise with the know-how of a financial planner, a CPA might be the best bet outside of tax-preparing season? If you only meet annually during the spring, they may seem too busy to tackle bigger-picture issues. The fall can be a good time to schedule a meeting, so you still have … Read More

Four Small Business Mistakes

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small business mistakes

It is only to be expected that business owners make financial mistakes which can jeopardize their dreams. Here are four of the most common small business mistakes and how business owners can avoid them. Failing to plan Few small businesses have a working budget and cash flow forecast which is rolled over on (at least) a quarterly basis. As a … Read More

Post-Tax Season Money Tips

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After tax craziness subsides, spring is an ideal time to take a look at your money management. Here are some post-tax season money tips to help you get your finances in check before summer: 1. Run Your Credit Report Your credit score can impact everything from your mortgage rate to your credit card approvals. In some cases it can even affect … Read More

2015 Tax Provisions for Individuals

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Tax Advice for Business Startup

From tax credits and educational expenses to the AMT, many of the tax provisions affecting individuals for 2015 were related to the signing of the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) in 2012… …tax provisions that were modified, made permanent, or extended. With that in mind, here’s what individuals and families need to know about tax provisions for 2015. Personal Exemptions … Read More

How to Take a Holiday Break as a Small Business Owner

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Everyone deserves a break, especially those who work hard trying to a get a business off the ground. A recent survey found that three quarters (76%) of small business owners and entrepreneurs skip their holidays in order to keep their business running smoothly. But while there may never be a good time to take a holiday when you’re the boss, … Read More