Flower Mound Tax Planning: Save For Retirement Now

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Flower Mound Tax Planning: Save For Retirement Now

If you’re self-employed or own your own business with or without employees, you might want to look into opening a Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Account (SEP IRA) or a Savings Incentive Match Plan (SIMPLE). These tax-advantaged retirement plans can save you big! For starters, both allow you to contribute pre-tax dollars, reducing your taxable income: SEPs’ benefits include minimal setup and … Read More

Real Estate Tax Experts: Property Tax Tips

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Property tax is a tax on real estate and sometimes other property which you own. Local governments typically assess property tax. The amount of property tax you owe is largely based on where the property is and how much it is worth. Calculating your property tax Property tax is typically determined by multiplying the value of the property by a tax … Read More

Flower Mound Accounting: Last Minute Tax Tips

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Flower Mound Accounting: Last Minute Tax Tips

In case you weren’t aware, this year’s tax filing deadline is rapidly approaching. You have until April 17 to submit your 2017 return. If you’ve been procrastinating, it’s time to get moving. Here are some tips to help from experienced pros: 1. Decide whether you’ll be itemizing Though itemizing on a tax return is more involved than claiming the standard deduction, it … Read More

Small Construction Business Accounting Tips

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Most construction businesses will use two different tax-accounting methods: one for their long-term contracts and one generally for everything else. A long-term contract is any contract that is still going on  in the same year it’s started. Cash method of accounting One method that some construction contractors can use for both generally and specifically for their long-term contracts is the … Read More

Flower Mound Business Advisor On Invoicing Etiquette

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DFW Tax Strategy: How Small Businesses Can Hold Onto Money

Sometimes getting an invoice paid is more challenging than the work you just completed. After all, it’s not exactly easy to track down late payments. But, what if there was a way for you to receive payments on-time more frequently? This can be accomplished if you stick to invoicing etiquette. With invoicing etiquette, you can create and maintain professional communications with clients. Use … Read More

Successful Small Business Leaders Offer Advice

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Flower Mound Business Coach: Invest Tax Savings Into Your Business

Sometimes the most valuable advice comes from fellow small business entrepreneurs, not the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Behind every business is a person, and behind every person is a story. That’s why we asked entrepreneurs to give their advice about the importance of serving their customers, their communities, and each other. Here are a few of our favorite … Read More

Tax Errors You Can Avoid This Year

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DFW Tax Advice: Why You Might Not Get a Refund This Year

Taxes are hard and stressful enough to do without making avoidable errors. Before clients file, they should double check to make sure they don’t make the following tax errors. We often hand out this checklist to clients to avoid mistakes in advance. Not signing the return (if you file paper copies) Number transposition and spelling errors Unchecked or unanswered questions … Read More

Grow Your Business and Fall in Love with It Again

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falling in love with your business

Can you remember back when you first started your business? You were so excited about your business and the success it would achieve. Remember? And you got butterflies in your stomach when you were working out business plans? But then something changed. Maybe it didn’t go the way you planned. That’s okay. Hope is not lost. Here are some ideas … Read More

A CPA’s Keys to Increased Sales

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Flower Mound, TX CPA: Managing Your Small Business Cash Flow

Sarah and Tim own an independent home entertainment retailer, selling televisions, music systems, phones, computers, games and consoles as well as other consumer electronics. Having completed their year-end accounts and tax work, they were looking for increased sales. Their CPA presented the couple with a three-year business performance review, which highlighted three key issues: Sales had declined year after year … Read More